How do I determine my baby’s clothing size?


The first year of your baby’s life is one of rapid growth and development which may lead to frustration when trying to find properly fitting clothing. Finding the right fit for your baby can be time consuming and take attention away from your child. Here are a few things for you to consider when purchasing clothes to eliminate guess work:

 Baby clothing sizes are listed by age but are based on height and weight

Sizes are created from weight and height ratios of babies in a given age range. You can pick your baby’s size by his or her age and then check manufacturers’ sizing charts to be sure that you have found the right fit.

The size listed is the maximum age

If a label doesn’t give a range and instead gives a single number, that number is the maximum months in age that size fits. For example a size 3 is meant for infants 0-3 months old.

You can buy a size up

Sometimes even after using sizing charts you may be unsure about which size is right. In this situation you can buy the next size up, initially the clothing may be too large but your baby will grow into it soon enough!

Different manufactures different sizes

Sizes can vary by companies and sometimes by product. Sizing charts are a parent’s best tool when picking out baby clothing. Have a look at Raindropsbaby’s chart as an example.


Hopefully these helpful tips will help reduce your clothes shopping stress next time you’re browsing the racks in the store and online!

“Made in USA”— Raindrops Baby Products

According to Consumer Reports National Research Center  78 per cent of Americans prefer purchasing a product “made in USA”. Many consumers want to know about the products they’re purchasing.  Many are confused over what’s meant by the “Made in USA” claim. Raindrops Baby wants to tell you about the origin and manufacture of our baby products so you know exactly what we mean when we say “Made in USA.” 

“Made in the U.S.A.” means innovation and high quality. DSC08157
It all started in 1936 with Dee Givens wanting to provide something better for wet babies.  Dee was the type of person that noticed things, and instead of accepting the status quo, she decided to work hard to provide something with more quality.

Dee, a nurse who worked with pre-mature babies, noticed that babies stayed soggy and uncomfortable in the diapers of the day.  Dee set about to develop a better quality diaper. Her innovative spirit and determination led to the invention of a special waterproof outer diaper which she began making by hand and selling to department stores.  As the product developed, it was quality tested—in laboratories and on friends’ babies— testing for skin irritation and durability. The Dri-ette diaper so was successful that she quit her nursing job and opened a factory to manufacture the diapers. Eventually she was selling them to stores across America.

Dee Givens’ innovation, and determination to provide something of higher quality were the reasons for the initial success of the company.  We don’t sell diapers anymore, but we still working out of those same values. For Raindrops Baby  “Made in USA” represents innovation and commitment to higher quality.

“Made in the U.S.A.” means that we proudly employ Americans and support our economy! We don’t outsource our work.  All workers have been with us for over 10 years and some have been with us for 20 years. We have a very low turnover because we’ve shown our workers that them we value them. Our workers are paid more than $0.50/her (going rate in China) and they are valued as individuals and as team members. 

At Raindrops Baby, we’re a small enough company that our employees can step in to other areas and work as a team.  Though each has a specialized job, when necessary, everyone steps in to help when an order needs special attention.

“Made in the U.S.A.” means that we control the quality—from conception to boxing.  Sewing
We buy fabric in complete rolls of very large yardages.  When starting production of a product, the fabric is cut at least 36 pieces deep with large, vertical knives.  Following that, it’s embellished with screen printing, embroidery or applique. The next step is for the individual pieces to be put together at the sewing station.  If we’re completing a blanket, the binding is put on at this point. If it’s a bib or clothing article, the snaps or buttons are attached.

The packaging step follows, and is equally important.  The baby item is placed in a gift basket or a vinyl bag and is stuffed with tissue to complete the presentation of the gift package and to protect the items during shipping.

“Made in USA” means that each step in this process is completed on site, with our workers. At Raindrops Baby we do our own fulfillment and warehousing. That eliminates delay of shipments and warehousing costs. This means you get your product on time and at a lower price.

“Made in USA” means that we control our inventory. Production Line of clothing
Raindrops Baby can control inventory. We don’t have to bring in massive quantities from overseas. It also allows us to be flexible to respond to changing trends in the market. Raindrops Baby can design and ship new items very quickly.  If we run out of something, we can produce it rather waiting for months on overseas shipping.

When Raindrops Baby says “Made in USA” we mean that our products are high quality, innovative, provide employment for American workers, and that each step of the manufacturing is handled by us, in the United States of America. All of those qualities proudly go into the baby gift for your special baby.

Let Baby Bibs be your Baby Greeting Cards

Have you purchased any Baby Greeting Cards lately?

A lot of them are expensive. I don’t mind receiving baby greeting cards, attached to gifts, until I look at the price and think about what else could have been bought with that money.

I do not keep the greeting cards I receive attached to gifts. I just don’t have the space, time, organizational containers or files to store all these cards.

How many trees are being used to create all of these baby greeting cards? I think they could be used for more important needs, like copy paper, or books, or note books, or checks, etc.

What is the Alternative?

  1. Well, I can choose not to give a baby gift card at all. Problem: No one will know who the gift is from, unless I verbally inform them.
  2. I can send an e-card, like an e-mail, through the internet and save all the trees and money for the cost of the card and postage. Problem: the recipient may not get the e-card or they may not know which baby gift goes with the e-card.
  3. I can let a baby bib do the talking for me and still represent me, as the giver, and convey a message of love and understanding. Solution: the bib provides for a real baby need in addition to the message.

Baby bibs make wonderful baby greeting cards. How does this occur? They are a practical and functional gift that can be used for years to come. A baby can easily use up to 6 bibs, or more, per day. They are eating all the time! When the bibs incorporate sayings or emotional meanings and icons, they become like a greeting card.

Baby bibs referencing family members, like Grandmas and Aunties, instantly connect the gift to the giver and to the recipient, too. These greeting card bibs are great for shower gifts, new baby girl gifts and new baby boy gifts.


When baby bibs have sayings on them, they really convey emotion, and speak about love, compassion, and concern for these new babies and for their parents, as well. Gift giving is all about creating these same feelings of connection and love.


Baby bibs become an added accessory to an outfit or a blanket or a baby gift set, which really gives the baby gift some special interest and pazazz or even some humor.


Baby bibs can permanently mark an occasion, like a First Birthday, by being photographed on the baby and being viewed in the pictures for generations to come.


Baby bibs can even reflect love and warmth for the various holiday seasons and holiday baby gifts.


A baby bib is an amazing green alternative to a greeting card, since it uses no trees, needlessly, and leaves a very small footprint. When the bib is good quality, it can be washed and re-used for a multitude of meals and even be handed down to the next baby.


So, start a new sensible, emotional and green alternative greeting card trend and give baby bibs in place of baby greeting cards and build bonds of love, affection, understanding and gratitude for these precious babies and their parents!

What to give for a baby gift?

So, we all face it eventually . . . an invitation to a baby shower or the birth of a new baby, and you know nothing about babies, but still have to buy a gift! Or maybe, you have given a ton of baby gifts and just want something different. What to do?

Do not panic, there is a world of great gifts for babies and shopping for them has never been easier.

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For me, a really great baby gift involves:

  • beautiful appearance
  • quality, usable items inside
  • right price and value
  • a nice reusable container or basket


We have all seen baby gifts that contain unusable, impractical, and sometimes even crazy items. Avoid buying a baby gift that involves one of the following:

  • glass or resin figurines for a shelf in a baby’s room
  • dry clean only clothing for babies
  • bad toys that will never be played with
  • cheap, plastic picture frames


If you’re looking for a nice, easy gift to give that newborn, pre-packaged gift sets are the way to go. They are easy to give, beautiful, practical, and fun. They always make an elegant baby gift.

Some gift baskets, even allow you to mix and match additional items. For example, you can add a blanket or a bib to the standard gift basket to make a unique combination.

Don’t forget about personalization. A beautifully monogramed baby blanket, bib or onesie can really add a lot of value to a baby gift. Look for the following items in baskets and containers:

  • baby sleepers or footsies
  • baby bibs
  • baby blankets
  • baby body suits or onesies
  • baby caps
  • baby booties
  • baby hooded towels
  • baby wash cloths
  • teddy bears
  • rubber duckies

Pre-packaged baby gift sets do not have to cost a lot of money. What if you want something small for your neighbor with the new baby next door, or for a past baby sitter who is all grown and has a baby of her own, or for your hair dresser or manicurist, or even for your kids’ teacher? For example, Raindrops Bib-to-Go travel sets are the perfect answer……at $19, they include a baby food printed cotton velour terry bib, a cotton wipe (wash cloth) and a re-sealable bag that can be used for the soiled bib and wipe after the baby has eaten. They are unique, practical and made in America!


The other great thing about gift sets that are all packaged and ready to go, is that they do not really need to be wrapped! You can take them directly to the party as they are, or just drop them in a paper gift bag and you are all set. Get ready to hear the ooohs and aaahs, when the Mom-to-Be opens this unique baby gift set!

Hopefully, you have a few new ideas here for beautiful and uncommon baby gift sets that will work for the next time you need to give a baby gift as special and as unique as you are! Don’t ever settle for the ordinary, because we all want the very best for our precious, little newborn babies!